Blind Corn Liquor Pickers

Sunday, August 25 // 2:45-3:45 p.m.

Like the moonlight-brewed intoxicant for which they are named, The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers play a variety of bluegrass, origins of which are difficult to ascertain. As corn liquor flows through an old car radiator, old-time traditions mix with modern methods in ways that can be unsettling, inspiring, euphoric or blindness-inducing. It's bluegrass that burns going down, warms your gut, and then hits your head like a thunderbolt of white lightning. Banjos, mandolins and fiddles mingle with drums and electric guitars and the soaring, emotive vocals of lead singer Beth Walker harness an Appalachian blues to make the stories in their songs really sing.

The songs are highly original, revisionist takes on traditional American music themes. Genre send-ups, fiery political pieces, modern-day murder ballads, existential moodpieces or moonshine-drenched party songs – you'll hear it all in a Blind Corn Liquor Picker performance that will in turn make you laugh, think, dance and (of course) drink.

"Plenty of songs in the genre call the listener to imagine riding trains and buses or to think back to the old homestead, but nobody travels the lost highways or dreams of the log cabin on the hill the way the BCLP do, or with rhythms akin to theirs. It can get confusing, all right, but don't worry. It's the best kind of confusing -- all surprise and delight, with the kind of shock that engenders unexpected laughter."
-- Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET