Restless Leg String Band

Saturday, August 14 // 7:30-9 p.m.

This 5-piece acoustic collaboration takes traditional bluegrass, smashes it with a hammer and reassembles it in their own fashion. Creating and shaping their own sound of “Psyche-Grass” or “Jam-Grass,” their sound is marked by funky grooves, psychedelic improvisational jams touched by modern inspirations, and uplifting lyrics, all built on an underlying salute of classical overtones. Their sound is a unique reflection and representation of 21st Century art and string music.

Fresh off the release of their full-length, original album "Seasonal Progression," RLSB is one of the region's most exciting string bands, bringing an infectious energy and style to their performances. This year marks the first appearance from Restless Leg String Band on the WRFL Music Stage at Crave.