Holy Mountain Top Removers

Saturday, August 24 // 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Together since their days in Hellbender, the trio of Mikey Allred (keys/bass/trombone), Edmond Villa (drums), and Anthony Ford (guitar/vocals) have developed into a band that defies categorization. Their strength is the ability to combine elements of style from a variety of musical genres, ranging from soundtrack-like interludes to thundering outbursts and even moments of meditative ambience.

Following up from their 2016 album "The Ones Disappearing You," the Nashville-based band is set to release its new album "Tonight the Machete Dreams" in the weeks leading up to Crave. Marked by unfettered song structures and an uncanny sense for dramatic timing, this seven-song journey runs a gamut of emotion and builds in intensity as the album progresses.

This release sees the band retiring their all-instrumental approach and incorporating vocals on two tracks, “God Said” and “Waterboarding the Entourage,” a move performed to great effect.

Look for hints of surf rock, psychedelia, heavy metal, prog rock, Middle Eastern sounds and more with this one-of-a-kind band.

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